Italian American Club South

                                                                   Website Trivia

In order to encourage club members to use the website, the executive board members have decided to conduct the "Website Trivia" game. The way it works is there will be a question each month that can be found somewhere on this website.  The new question will appear one week before our monthly event. You will be given the page where it can be found. After finding the answer, PRINT it LEGIBLY with your FIRST AND LAST NAME, on a small piece of paper, and turn it into Glenn Rosazza, who will be found near the entrance to the Rec. Ctr.,  look for the sign.  The cutoff time for accepting answers will be 6:15pm the night of the event. We will draw the winning entrant just before the raffle drawing.  The winner will receive $20.

This Month's Question: 

What are the Executive Board member's names and the position each holds?  For this one, you will have to figure out which page the answers will be found :-) .

​​​Club Updates:​  Upcoming events for 2019!​​

Caio, mi amico, come join us! 

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