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Italian American Club South

                                                             Website Trivia

To encourage club members to use the website, we created the "Website Trivia" game. A trivia question will be posted on the Home page each month. The answer will be found somewhere on this website.  To make it even easier, you will be given the specific page to find the answer(s). So, enjoy the newly posted photos taken at each event, learn how to renew your membership, how to purchase tickets, and more. 

To Play:  At the monthly social, PRINT your FIRST AND LAST NAME, along with your answer, on a  piece of paper, and put it in the trivia jar. All entries must be received by 7:45 p.m. We will draw the winning entrant during the raffle drawing, around 8:30 p.m. The winner will receive $20.00. 

This Month's Question: 

There are 3 links on the "Membership​"​ page that provide you with important information.  The following is one of them:

What are the other 2 links?

NOTE: Board and Committee members are not eligible